Ed is a dancer, in the academic sense. Renowned pervert and often beaten up by girls, Ed spends his days hiding in his luxury East London penthouse watching the ants crawl past. A child of Suffolk, Ed moved to the big city to pursue his dream of filmmaking but was sadly forced to turn to comedy.

Seriously though...

There are so many nice things to say about Ellie, but it is difficult to say them without sounding rude. We love that her face can some times lose all bone structure and she has an ass that won't quit.

Seriously though...

Born in Milton Keynes, land of concrete cows and roundabouts. Tash is rocking the world of improv and theatre with amazing skills such as pizza-craft and taxidermy. A sudden blow to the head gave Tash the comic powers she currently possesses, but she is yet to decide whether to use them for good or evil.

Seriously though...

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