GIGGLE LOOP PRESENTED: German Lettuce Restauranteurs, Apocalyptic Voodoo Masks, Chilean Ice Palaces and Naturism

The new detective had been assigned to help him with the Giggle Loop case just over a week ago. John had protested the only way he knew how, by yelling “FARTS” every time his boss suggested sharing. To no avail. He’d lost his touch.

Detective Girthsteel was on another level. Over half the staff of the small PI agency were on sick leave after suffering handsome-induced heart attacks on his first day. Every document he touched was framed and hung in the office. He once made a waffle orgasm.

John sighed. He wanted his case back. He wanted his wife back. He wanted someone to pick up his pilot idea, ‘Chris Pineapple Studios’. And more than anything he just wanted Girthsteel to stop replying to all his emails with, “Who dis?”.

Suddenly a brick shattered the window of his office. He bent down and delicately picked it up. Wrapped around was a note that simply said, “Sorry Barry, we can’t make it tonight. We have a show at The Miller. Giggle Loop.” He’d barely finished reading before another brick came flying through the already smashed window. “Shit that was the wrong brick! Ignore that. That was meant for Barry. Your one is coming now. Giggle Loop.” Crash! A third brick landed at his feet, as expected. “Stop following us you fucker. Giggle Loop.”

John surveyed the mess with glee. This could be the lead we need, he thought. I’ll finally get them tonight, as long as the girl writing this doesn’t get bored and st

The first Giggle Loop Presents… of 2015 hit the London stage last night and it was fly as hell. Wolf Attorney showed the rags to riches tale of a simple security guard with a passion for lettuce, Countdown to Doom used Celine Dion to invoke the apocalypse, The Inflatables demonstrated the perils of having an alien twin and finally Giggle Loop got weird with a cheese twist. And if you weren’t there here are some sexy photos.

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