GIGGLE LOOP PRESENTS | Music Box and Anne & Frank

Have you ever wondered what an evening of improv comedy with us, Music Box and Anne & Frank would be like? You have? But that’s weirdly specif…alright.

Well wonder no more because on the 10th December at The Miller, London Bridge there is going to be an evening of improv comedy with us, Music Box and Anne & Frank. Now, just back to wondering how income tax works and how many malteasers you can fit in your mouth. (23)


Music Box improvise a different one act comedy musical every show. Songs and lyrics are plucked from thin air and stories and characters are created on the spot!


Anne & Frank are a two-prov comprised of two pillars of C3467X. These two improv veterans will make your sides split and your brain explode with improv funnies.

And of course us! You know us. Giggle Loop? You’re literally on our website now. Silly.

Date: Wednesday 10th December 2014
Time: Doors open 7:30pm. Show 8pm – 10pm
Price: FREE
Where: The Miller, 96 Snowsfields Road, London Bridge, London, SE1 3SS.
Nearest Tube and Train: London Bridge.
Directions: Close to London Bridge Station, Snowsfields Road, off Great Maze Pond behind Guys Hospital.

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