PHOTOS | GIGGLE LOOP PRESENTED | Taxidermy, Pigeons, the Duke and Spongebob

He slowly traces his finger around the G.

“Giggle Loop, more like Giggle Poop.”

He laughs raucously at his own joke.

“Brenda, Brenda get in here! You need to hear this! You know how they’re called Giggle Loop, well I just called them Giggle Po…Brenda?”

It was then he realised that he was alone in the office. It was 2am and everyone else had left hours ago. He slumped into his desk chair and crumpled the flyer in his hand, remarking the high paper-quality as he did so. No man could be in the private detective business for over a decade without knowing Vistaprint glossy finish when he felt it.

Suddenly in a flash of denim, plaid and ginger hair he found himself on the ground. As he blinked dazily and slowly lifted his body all he could think was,

“This would make a fantastic cliffhanger.”

We did another show! Wax Lyrical precisely echoed my feelings about animals and food (awful and life respectively), Demons To Some took their love of bisecting too far, Population 8 were heavily restricted by the Duke and Giggle Loop whipped out their ceremonial scythe. Don’t worry if you missed it though, we took some sexy photos.

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