PHOTOS | Double Show Sunday

Last Sunday was, as Oscar Wilde might say, majorly cray cray.

First of all we hit up City Impro’s Sunday Roast at The Water Poet, where we conclusively answered the question “How can I marry Prince Harry?” SPOILER ALERT: mood boards and family buckets.

A pee and a cab ride later we found ourselves at The Nursery for the C3467X’s Improv 5-A-Side: Producer’s Special. There were flirty mice, burger cults and competitive pinky swears. We were super happy to make it to the final and CONGRATUWELLDONE to The Maydays on their win.

Here are some sexy photos courtesy of the awesome C3467X gang!

10553890_456310964507660_1153991038787224403_o 1966027_456310264507730_8025645685794443096_o 10733850_456310224507734_4476425266914669566_o 10644568_456310257841064_3340625987757813556_o 1932751_456309931174430_1233844652724468296_o10658693_456310171174406_9201171450551205502_o10511626_456310164507740_5924860080151644758_o


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